Exercise Your Data Rights As A Consumer.

NiX is employed by eCommerce merchants to protect your data and to give you control over your data.


What is NiX

NiX is a data privacy
platform designed to
protect your data.

NiX is a data privacy platform designed to protect consumer data and utilized by eCommerce merchants. NiX enables consumers to gain control over their data as it is used by eCommerce merchants. As a consumer, you can see who is using your data and when, and you have the ability to revoke access to your data for any merchant who utilizes NiX.

You, as a consumer, gain visibility and control over your data across all eCommerce merchants who utilize NiX to protect your data.

Under the covers, our system encrypts data at all times to ensure privacy and security of your data. If you have received an email from your merchant to register and login to our system to gain control of your data, we encourage you to do so.


Frequently Asked Questions.

There is no cost to you as a consumer to use NiX. It is completely free for consumers.

If you are a first time NiX user, you can register here. If you have already registered with NiX before, you can login here.

As long as you use the same email address with different merchants, you don't have to sign up again with NiX. NiX provides a consolidated view of your data across different merchants that have the same email address from you.

Once you register and login into NiX dashboard, you can see what personal data merchants have. You can monitor activity of data as it goes to other 3rd parties that the merchant utilizes. And you can request the merchant to delete your data.

Yes. NiX is built upon industry standard encryption and keeps your data protected at all times. Once you register and login to our dashboard, and verify the data you see from a merchant is yours by claiming it, you establish end-to-end encryption between you and the merchant. NiX will remain blind to your data.

NiX provides an easy to use cloud service for merchants which allows them to track how, when and where consumer data is being used in their systems. This helps them comply with data regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.

NiX can only see your email address that you have used to register with us. NiX cannot see any other personal data that you may have provided to the merchant.

No. NiX does not have access to your claimed data and cannot share it with anyone except with merchants you have specifically given permission to use your data. You can also request to delete your data from a particular merchant through the NiX dashboard.


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