Redefining data privacy for today's consumer.

Include sophisticated data privacy controls with a few lines of code that allow your customers to control their data.

Why NiX?

In this day and age of cloud applications, your customer data can go anywhere and customers pay the price when a breach happens.

Built for Developers

Our SDK provides a clean & simple API hiding all the crypto complexities.

Seemless User Experience

Customers will love the unaffected user experience while gaining data privacy.

Be Compliant

Become compliant to data privacy regulations quickly and easily.

Why NiX enable your app?

With a NiX enabled app, a consumer can control their data's lifecycle.

Protect data within the app

Any sensitive data can be protected as soon as it is created with 4 easy steps.

1. Your app creates sensitive data.

2. The app sends the data to NiX SDK.

3. NiX SDK fetches a key from NiX Vault in the app.

4. NiX SDK protects the data and stores locally.

Distribute protected data

Send data on its way any way the app wants to (email, cloud, network file server, etc.).

1. Give access to protection keys to your recipients.

2. Send data on its way to a destination of choice.

Recipient requests access

Recipient's NiX enabled app requests the key necessary to consume the protected data.

1. The recipient's app receives the protected data.

2. The app request the key to unlock the data via NiX SDK.

3. Since the sender has given access to the recipient, the sender's vault sends the key to the recipeint device whi.

Revoke access to distributed data

Once the data is distributed, the sender can revoke access to the key for a particular recipient anytime in the future.

1. Pick a recipient and revoke access for that recipient.

2. Next time that recipient requests a key, access will be denied leaving the content on the device encrypted.


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Flexible plans that you can always change according to your needs.


1st Month

  • 1K messages or 2 weeks
  • Completely free
  • No credit card required


Per Message

  • First 2.5K messages free
  • Pay as you go afterwards
  • Credit card required
  • Charged monthly


Per Month

  • 27K messages included
  • $0.0004 per msg afterwards
  • Credit card required
  • Renews monthly


Per Month

  • 143K messages included
  • $0.0004 per msg afterwards
  • Credit card required
  • Renewed monthly


Per Month

  • 300K messages included
  • $0.0004 per msg afterwards
  • Credit card required
  • Renewed monthly


Per Month

  • 1.5M messages included
  • $0.0004 per msg afterwards
  • Credit card required
  • Renewed monthly

What People Say?

NiX has a unique flexible, modular and scalable architecture that supports a broad range of industries. NiX offers distributed key management, fine grain privacy control and the ability for centralized or decentralized vaults depending on the business application. The daily operations are designed to be efficient and cost effective for small and medium businesses.

Olivia Dillan

Leadership team

Our team comprises of some of the most seasoned investors and professionals in the data security space.

Steve Abbott
Sohaib Bhatti
Hans Kessock
Rob McColl

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