On top of that

Businesses are facing eroding consumer trust
from data breaches and lack of data control.



of consumers will not interact with businesses if they have concerns about their data security practices.



of consumers say they should be able to control the information they share with businesses online.



of consumers say goverment should regulate businesses' use of their data.



of consumers feel they have complete control over their personal information.

Now there is a better solution

Let us NiX all of these problems.

NiX is designed to go above and beyond data privacy regulations.


Always remain compliant

We always ensure our cloud service
remains compliant with existing
and new regulations so you don't
have to.


Smart rights management

Consumers manage their own data
rights, eliminating the need for
costly tools and processes to
manage them on their behalf.


Increased consumer trust

With consumers enjoying control and
visibility over their data, you
gain and retain valuable consumer


Simplified compliance

Our cloud solution automates and
eliminates overhead associated with
compliance tasks such as data subject


Reduced risk and liability

Our next-gen security architecture
protects data at all times while
NiX remains blind to that data which
ensures reduced risk and liability.


Cost effective

Since NiX is a cloud subscription,
there is no need to spend significant
upfront capital to achieve and maintain


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Our Solutions

Simple and easy full data compliance.

  • All consumer rights as a cloud service.
  • Full compliance with GDPR & CCPA.
  • Continuous updates for new regulations.
  • Business and consumer dashboards.
  • Track and affect data leaving for 3rd party systems.
  • Simple to integrate.

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Smart Compliance and more.

  • Everything in Smart Compliance plus secure storage.
  • Track and control data across multiple systems.
  • Securely share consumer data with business partners.
  • Encrypted data exchange between business and consumer.
  • Reduced risk and liability from data breaches.
  • Enhanced consumer trust.

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