Redefining data privacy for today's consumer.

Put your customers in control of their personal data and put your mind at ease.

A brighter future for personal data with Nix

Nix is building powerful new tools and applications on top of its platform to put people in control of their data, and to help companies handle data securely, transparently, and in compliance with regulations. More information will be coming soon.

Why NiX?

In this day and age of cloud applications, your customer data can go anywhere and customers pay the price when a breach happens.

Easy to Install and Manage

Clean & simple interfaces and APIs hiding all the crypto complexities.

Seamless User Experience

Customers will love the unaffected user experience while gaining data privacy.

Be Compliant

Become compliant to data privacy regulations quickly and easily.

Leadership team

Our team comprises of some of the most seasoned investors and professionals in the data security space.

Steve Abbott
Sohaib Bhatti
Rob McColl

Contact Us

contact information

3340 Peachtree Rd NE, #1010,
Atlanta, GA 30326.